Short Dubai Package

4 Nights/ 5 days         Up to 3 star         Meals         Cab         Sightseeing


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Digging up the best Dubai tour packages from the inventory of travel portals takes some time to weigh up the options. Dubai has a way to flummox people. With the world of experiences the emirate throws up, it does get a little difficult to pick the best

Dubai tour that fits the bill. Dubai knows nothing better than the best. It’s not a city. It’s an idea that hinges on superlatives. With a fanatic structuring, packaging, building and redrawing of the skyline, the city continues to grow capturing the imagination of the world and how.

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Its tapering spires grazing the skies, malls that almost sparkle, islands built in whimsical shapes of the world to a leaf, underwater hotel with fish keeping you company while you settle in for a snooze, or penguins born in the desert. Dubai’s spectacular fancy universe where impossible is possible is sometimes formidable. And extravagance knows no bounds here. Like a seasoned socialite it charms everyone with its glamour and flamboyance. And plays a perfect host too. No wonder there is a plenitude of Dubai packages curated for different tastes offering the best of Dubai.

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Short Dubai Package
INR 22,000/- PP

Short Dubai Package

No of Days: 4 Nights/ 5 days

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