Jamnagar can prove a beautiful and intoxicatingly amazing tourist destination for you if you are planning to visit some place for serene lakes, beautiful buildings, enthralling antique architecture and widespread coastal regions. On the coast of Gulf of Kutch, it is one of the splendid cities of Gujarat. As such there are a number of attractive features which you can find in Jamnagar, but the most beautiful one is its Lakhota Fort which is situated in the midst of Ranmal lake. It makes the old city more adventurous and splendid in itself. Nearby Moti khavdi village in Jamnagar district you will find the world’s largest  oil refinery built by Reliance industries.

Near to Ranmal lake there is a kotha bastion – an another place to visit which used to be the weapon house of Rulers of old era which contains some antique and eccentric items of ancient times like copper plates, coins and Skeleton of a whale fish which is an amazing thing in itself.

Jamnagar is famous as ‘Jewel of Kathiawar’ and is recognized for its tranquil surroundings with exquisite temples where you can find the vibes full of positivity and sacredness like Bholeshwar Mahadev Temple, Vardhman shah’s temple, Mota ashapura Maa temple etc.. If you are making a plan to visit Jamnagar then don’t forget to visit Khijadia Bird sanctuary which is a home for falcons, hawks and eagles along with variety of distinct species of birds like purple Moorhen, Great crested grebe, black-winged stilt, coot etc.

It is considered as a home of three palaces, The pratap vilas palace, The darbargarh palace and the Lakhota palace in which the latter one is outstanding because of its location and the lake in its surroundings, moreover you will also find a museum inside the fort which takes you to the ancient decade.

Make a plan to visit Jamnagar and explore it as one of the unique destinations of inexplicably beautiful Gujarat.

Places to visit in Jamnagar :

Let’s have a view over the places which must be visited, once you reach to Jamnagar, they will give you an experience different. These places are Swaminarayan Temple, Lakhota Talav. Pirotal Island, Lakhota Fort, Mota Aashapura Maa temple, Aradhna Dham, Harshidhi Temple, Bhujio kotho, Bala Hanuman temple, Jogger’s park, Ranmal lake, Khijadia Bird sanctuary, Lakhota Museum, Shivrajpur Beach, Darbargarh palace, Kambhalia gate etc. These places are going to give you the beautiful memories to store in your diary of life forever.

What can you eat in Jamnagar :

If you are planning a trip to Jamnagar, you must be aware of the delicious dishes Jamnagar offers you and as it comes under the Gujarat province, maximum dishes which you will find here will be the same what Gujjus love, like Fafda, Basundi, Dhokla, Khandvi etc. These dishes will fill your mouth with a mesmerizing taste and going to add a crispy flavor in your unforgettable journey to this beautiful place. You can find these dishes at the local stalls here or to have better taste you can visit the Restaurants and cafes nearby.

Best time to visit Jamnagar :

Monsoon season (From June to September) is the season which is suitable when rain spreads its showers all around the Jamnagar and keeps the environment cool, Mon soon is the time when you can find here pleasant weather suitable to visit various places. While the preferred time is of winter season which starts from October to March, temperature during this period remains low and varies within 12 to 32 degree centigrade.

So, plan a beautiful weekend in Jamnagar and spend some beautiful days as one of the best days of your life.