Dwarka Overview :

Identified as Dwarka Kingdom (The kingdom of Krishna), Dwarka is the first capital city of Gujarat and is situated in the Noth-western part of India. Situated on the bank of river Gomti, it is an exquisitely beautiful place which is full of positive vibes. The city is actually famous as the Birthplace of Lord Krishna, so it actually needs no recognition and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Gujarat. It harbors some of the mesmerizing and most famous temples of India and is one out of the 12 famous Jyotirlingas - Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple. As Dwarka is a city of temples, it is having world’s famous Dwarkadheesh temple too which is visited by pilgrims from the every nook of the world, every year. Moreover, it also contains some beautiful places to be visited by you like Gopi Talav, ISKCON Temple, Shrine of Meerabai, Bhadkeshwar Temple. Janmashtami utsav of Dwarka has its own beautiful fragrance all across the world, so best time to visit Dwarka is the time of Janmashtami.


Places to visit in Dwarka :

1Nagesgwar Jyotirlinga Temple – It is one of the most famous Jyotirlinga of the country out of the 12 Jyotirlingas, near to which you will find a giant, beautiful and enrapturing statue of Lord Shiva. This place is so beautiful that it can steal your heart due to its extremely positive vibes and serene environment.

2Dwarka Beach – If you want to spend some time amidst the gushy winds, giantly stretched ocean and the beautiful heaven on earth, then it could be one of the best places for you one will find in Dwarka. Visit this place to feel the extreme silence which will be broken by the tides of the ocean and blowing breeze only.

3Dwarkadheesh temple – In the chalukya style of architecture it is a Lord Krishna temple which is actually a splendid pilgrimage. This place has its own charm among the pilgrims. People come here to offer their prayers and the do believe that the temple connects them to God directly. Those who have immense reverence in god come here to sit for hours and try to have the divine feel which they can find in the temple only.

4Beyt Island – 30 kms far from the main city it is a place where you can find heaven on earth. The island is such beautiful that your heart would not like to leave the place and is covered by temples, coral reefs and beautiful white sand. You can have the fun of water sports here and can enjoy the quality time.

5Rukamni Devi Temple – The temple is dedicated to Lord krishna’s wife Rukmani Devi and is famous for its outstanding architecture.

6.Sudama setu It is something adventurous which must be visit during your visit to Dwarka. Sudama setu. The setu has been named on the name of Lord krishna’s friend Sudama. It is a Pedestrian suspension bridge over River Gomti which actually links  The famous Jagat Mandir to Panchnad or Panchkui Tirth situated on the island. This bridge has increased has given a slight push in the number of tourists which come here every year and people come here to visit this Panchkui teerth which has its own Religious importance.

7 Swani Narayan Mandir – In the proximity of Dwarka temple and one of the silent seashores, it is a beautiful attraction point for the tourists which come to visit Dwarka – a place for pilgrims. At this place you can extract the relief and positive feelings from the surroundings.

8Bhadkeshwar Temple – It is 500 yrs old temple and is built on one of the enrapturing edge of Arabian sea. The temple is very close to Rukmani temple and Geeta temple. The path which leads to the temple from the shore remains slightly submerged in the sea and the tides keep on striking to the hillock at which the temple is situated, it is a view which gives a beautiful look to the temple and makes it one of the best tourist attraction point of Dwarka. 


What can you eat in Dwarka :

According to the taste your tongue wants to have, you can find here yummy Chinese, Scumptious North-Indian and extremely delicious Gujarati food. You will not find here the big restaurants, but the restaurants you will find here serve the taste your tongue will never forget. Gujarati thali which includes majorly Roti, Kadhi, Dal, Rice and curries can be a better option to satiate your hunger. And if you want to have the original and unique taste of Gujarati dishes, then Khandvi, Thepla, Khamman Dhokla, Khakhra & Fafda etc. are the dishes which can prove an energy booster to you by satisfying your tongue. 



Best Time to Visit Dwarka ;

The city can be visited anytime during the whole year, but the preferred, suggested and the most friendly time to visit this serene and Lord Krishna's city is the winter season. People from all over the world come in winters or during Janmashtami (August) to visit this place as the place have temples which are much ancient, unique and embellished with uncommon architecture. Lord krishna has maximum number of followers in the whole world and this is one of the major reason why do Dwarka remains full of pilgrims all the time. So, if you want to visit Dwarka, Plan a trip of Dwarka in the coming winters and dive into the city Lord Krishna.