Are you a lover of nature, Do you love to be in the midst of green landscapes, spectacular ice- capped mountains, incomparably stunning blue sky and striking weather, then Situated at an altitude of near about 1400 metres above than the sea level Dharamshala may prove heaven to you. Located somewhere in the midst of Kangra valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Dharmashala is a paradise on earth, itself. For couples it could be one the best heaven of India where beautiful look of thick deodar forests, dazzling white peaks, eye-catchy green beauty and touching monasteries provide a complete package to you. The calm and serene surroundings here create such magic that you won't like to leave the place and you may increase your stay here. The great Tibetan Leader Dalai lama & Monasteries of Dharamshala along with a number of nuns and monks, provide a glow of buddhism culture to Dharmshala and this is the reason why people find it - a destination much unique, pleasurable and strikingly enchanting than others. The tranquil and mental equipoise you are going to find in the midst of beautiful weather here is going to take your breath away. Being here in Dharamshala may turn your trip into a thrilling an exciting trip. So just pack your baggage and book your tickets to visit this awesome place on earth. In today's time when number of tensions keep on hovering around our mind, this is the best place to delete every tension and live your time.

Places to visit in Dharamshala

St. john church, Gyuto Monastery, war memorial, Tea garden, Library of Tibetan works, Dharamshala Cricket stadium, Jwala devi temple, Kangra art museum, Bhagsu falls, Mcleodganj, Namgyal Monastery, Bhagsu nath temple, Tibet Museum - Mcleodganj, Dalai Lama Temple are some of the famous places of Dharmshala which are going to make your trip, a trip never to be forgotten.

What to eat in Dharamshala –

Dharamshala serves you a wide option of cafes and eateries like. If you are sipping hot coffee with locally prepared yum cakes by standing in the mid of the green beauty and the sky-touching mountains, believe me you are in the heaven. Here you can every kind of food from Indian to European, Chinese to middle eastern, and from Bhutanese to Tibetan and it is such tasty that your taste buds are going to demand some more everytime. We are giving you the details of some eateries which you can explore in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj and yeah you are going to find best food here at very cheap rates.

1.Woeser bakery

2.Shiva café

3.The Tibet kitchen

4.Illiterati café

5.Carpe diem café

6.Moonlight café

7.Sandy’s nation

8.Jimmy’s Italian kitchen

Best time to visit Dharamshala -

Every month of the year is best to visit Dharmshala, you can plan your visits according to what type of weather you want to explore there. In summers (April to June) temperature range varies from 22 to 35 degree centrigrade and the weather remains almost pleasant which is well suited for trekking and long walks on the side of the beautiful landscapes.

In monsoon (From July to September) if you put your feet here, you are going to stay here for never to return as the beauteous things like - scenic landscapes, heart-throbbing greenery and mild showers of fresh water are going to kill you with their extra natural wow factor. You are not going to return till Monsoon ends. Monsoon adds a sensational flavor to couples and monsoon at Dharmshala is going to give you one of the best time of your life. But, this season is not suitable for trekking as most of the trekking routes get closed during this season. 

In winters (From October to March) you can have the charm of pleasant weather when the temperature range varies from 4 to 7 degree centigrade. Winter season is best if you want to have the view of shining peaks of the scenic nature, want to feel cool breeze along with a sip of brewing coffee. Long walks in the midst of the the green nature. So, just put your clothes in a bag, book your tickets to visit Dharamshala in your favorite season and give relief to your soul.