Situated in the Northwest of India and at the base of Shivalik Ranges of the Himalayas CHANDIGARH is famous as the first planned city of India and enjoys its prestigious position throughout the world.

The word Chandigarh means ‘The fort of Chandi’ and this name has been extracted from the name of an old temple of Hindu goddess ‘Chandi Mandir.’

It is bounded by the state of Haryana in its east and state of Punjab in its west, north and south. It is a mesmerizing epitome of two great minds - an American architect Albert Mayer & a recognized French architect Le Corbusier who designed this city in 1950's. Here you will find Asia's largest Rose Garden which keeps surroundings fresh with the intoxicating fragrance of near about 1600 species and covers the widely stretched area of 30 acres. Chandigarh is also very famous for its greenery as it has a huge number of plants like majorly Eucalyptus and Banyan trees all around the city which keeps the air fresh here. You will also find few more varieties of plants like Asoka, Mulberry, cassia here. Greenery of this celestial place is such amazing that it is one of the major reasons why people prefer this city to visit. Recognized as the most clean city of India people come here to see the unique sanitation, Rose Garden, Rock Garden and the beauty which persists and resides in the proximity of Sukhna Lake.

Places  to visit in Chandigarh

Because of its extremely remarkable beauty Chandigarh is a place like next heaven on earth and due to its serene and calm environment maximum tourists come here to have the pleasure of being here where surroundings say their own story of glorious past and beautiful present. There are various places in Chandigarh which you would like to visit and every place is uniquely amazing in itself. We are listing here those places which must be in your itinerary while you come to visit this celestial place.

Rock Garden, Rose garden, Sukhna lake, Le Corbusier centre, Topiary park, Pinjore gardens, Leisure valley, Sukhna wildlife sanctuary, Mahendra chaudhary Zoological park, Government museum and art gallery, Mansa devi temple, Capitol complex, Japanese garden, Shanti kunj, Cactus garden, International dolls museum, Terraced garden, Garden of silence, Bougainvillea garden, Butterfly park, ISKCON Temple, Garden of fragrance etc.

These are all those places which you must add in your list during the visit of Chandigarh – A place famous for its sanitation and lovely ambience.

What to eat in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is place of mouth-watering taste and once you leave it, you are going to miss it for this particular reason too. You will love to eat varieties of paranthas here, tandoori kebabs, crunchy bhature, Chatpat chaat, yummy lassi, Scrumptious tandoori chicken and you can find here every dish from south Indian to Chinese and from Rajasthani to Japanese.

If you have to eat street food in Chandigarh, then we have a list for you what can you eat and where can you have it.

You will love to eat,

Golgappas at 

Ram Chat Bhandar, Shami Chat & Sweets, Krishna Chat Bhandar, Chilli Chaats & Garg chaat etc.

Chole Bathure at  

Sai Sweets, Nukar Dhaba, Roadside stall (Khirki/Rehri) & Sodhi’s Zaika.

Kulfi at

Sai Sweets & Krishna Chat Shop.

Burgers at

Castle Grill, Burger Point, Burgrill, Yumla, Burger King, Burger Hub & Hot Millions.

Chicken Tikka

Pal Dhaba, Tikka Freaks, Pehelwan da Dhaba & Fire n Grill.

Paneet Tikka at

Chaplin Fast Food, Tikka Freaks, Sindhi Sweets & Pal Dhaba.

Pav bhaji at

Snacks Corner, Neelam Fast Foods & Sodhi’s Zaika.


Kathi Junction, Tibbs Frankie & Roll Xpress.

Cheese chilli at

Shirdi Food & Snacks, Matru Tickky Wala & Raju Chinese Fast Food.

Momos at

Chawla’s, Miso Hungry, Shake Plaza, Rohit Chinese Food, Fire n Grill, Kathmandu Chinese Fast Food, Momos Wala, Dumpling Hood, A1 Dumplings & Faraabi Café.

Sarso da saag & Makki di roti at

Pal Dhaba, Katani Dhaba & Amritsari Kulcha.

Noodles at

Raju Chinese Fast Food, Adhikari Chinese Food, Kathmandu Chinese fast food, Fry High & Shirdi Food & Snacks.

Amritsari kulcha

 Kulcha Hub, Sodhi’s Zaika, Amritsari Kulcha, Channa & Bansal Amritsar Food Street.

Rajma chawal

Bholey Di Hatti, Talwar Dairy,  Sai Sweets,  Sodhi’s Zaika, Pal Dhaba Deluxe Dhaba, Khokha, Sindhi Sweets, Treat Point & Nukkar Dhaba.

Best time to visit Chandigarh

As such there is no specific time to visit Chandigarh, you can visit it in the any month of the year, still suggested period from our side is from the month of October to March as the temperature in winters remains suitable to visit the places here and you can have the cozy trips in cozy wears. The mixture of cool temperature outside and warm and cozy feel inside makes you untiring and gives you the experience unforgettable.

So, plan a trip to clean and lovely Chandigarh and add an unforgettable experience to the diary of your life.