Famous as the ‘Manchester of the east’ and situated on the banks of the Sabarmati river Ahmedabad is a city of cultured and down to earth people. It is one of the rapidly growing cities of Gujarat. In a very short span of time it has earned a huge recognition among the tourists and has become one of the beautiful tourist destinations of India. If you are planning to visit this splendid city, your eyes are going to love the beautiful architecture of the temples, marvelous museums, beautiful lakes and serene environment of this heavenly place. Renowned as former capital of Gujarat, it is also famous for its delicious food and the beautiful citizens.

Sabarmati Ashram which is situated just beside the banks of river Sabarmati is that one exceptionally aristocratic and spectacular reason why people come to visit this splendid city of Gujarat. This ashram is the most attractive feature of Ahmedabad which attracts people from the worldwide market. When Gandhiji returned from South Africa, he made this ashram to live which has now turned into a museum for the visitors and most importantly this is the place from where Dandi March saw its origin.

Places to visit in Ahmedabad 

There are various magnificent places in Ahmedabad which make it an outstanding tourist hub of Gujarat and this is that one beautiful reason why Ahmedabad is remarkable in itself. We are providing you a selected list of those places which must be there in your itinerary while you plan to visit Ahmedabad.

  • Sabarmati Ashram
  • Swaminarayan temple
  • Sardar Vallabh bhai patel National Museum
  • Kankario Zoo
  • Bhadra Fort
  • Iskcon Temple
  • Calico museum of textiles
  • Vechaar utensils museum
  • Sankaar Kendra
  • Rani No Hajiro
  • Auto world Vintage car museum
  • Nagina wadi
  • Sarkhej roja
  • Parimal Garden
  • Vastrapur lake
  • Jhula Minar
  • Hathi singh jain Temple
  • Manek Chawk
  • Alpha one mall
  • Lal darwaza
  • Law Garden Night Market
  • Gujarat science city
  • Adalaj step well

What to eat in Ahmedabad 

Ahmedabad is famous among the foodies for its yummy and crunchy eatables like Kahkhra, Khaman, Fafda, Ganthiya, Thepla, Dhokla, Dabeli, Sev etc. These are some of the famous dishes of Gujarat and people do come here to get the unique and natural taste of these dishes. Ahmedabad offers you a luscious, mouth-watering and a taste unforgettable. It is such succulent that your tongue is going to wipe off your lips, once you eat it. You can find these dishes in most of the restaurants and cafes here, but as Ahmedabad is a city of unique taste and food lovers, Street food is also much famous here and people like it with heart. We are providing you the list of street food and the places where you can explore this food.

1.Khaman - A famous spongy and delicious Gujarati dish which you can find almost anywhere in Ahmedabad.

2.Induben ka Khakhra - If you are going to eat Khakhra here, you are going to Love Ahmedabad from your soul.

3.Tea with Muska Bun - It is a perfect combination to revive your energy and you can have this taste in any corner of the city. The aroma filled brewing tea refreshes your energy and gives you a unique pleasurable taste along with muska bun.

4.Manek chawk - It is a place which you can visit in night to have the succulent taste of chatpat-chaat like Pav-bhaji, pani-puri, sev-puri, Tikki chaat, Masala dabeli etc.

5.Dalvada - Dalvada is a famous snack in Gujarat which is generally eaten with Tea in the evening. It is a crispy and crunchy dalpakori which is served with green spicy and yummy chutney. You can find it at local stalls here. Moreover Ambika dalvada centre at Navrangpura is much famous for this particular dish.

6.Om sai Parantha - If you are visiting Ahmedabad for food too, you should not forget to have the taste of Om sai tasty and crispy paranthas. It is a place where you can find varieties of paranthas and that too with a soul-satisfying taste. Add this place in your list  to visit which is situated opposite to Udgam school, Thaltej.

7.Amdo's kitchen - Amdo's kitchen is famous for its lovely chilli Momos and spicy red chutney. You will love the momos you will find here. Don't forget to have Neembu Pani if you are going to visit this place. Moreover, this place is also famous for Thupkas and fried rice. So, visit Amdo's kitchen to have some change in the taste.

Best time to visit Ahmedabad 
The best time to visit Ahmedabad is the winter season when temperature fluctuates between 5 to 20 degree centigrade. This season has everything to make you feel more pleasurable, it is the season when you can extract out the warmth of Sighseeing from the cool surroundings. You can have pleasure of eating and sipping tea at the roadside stalls and can feel some more energetic in this season. So, if you are planning to visit Ahmedabad next time, then please mark the time between October to March.